Trekking to Cala Luna

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Cala Luna
Famous for its beauty the beach of cala luna always impresses those who go there because of its charm. An high cliff in the south and a sequence of five caves in the north enclose the white beach. Walking down on the broad canyon “codula di luna” finally you come across a sheet of water before to get to the beach and at last the crystalline waters of the golfo di orosei. There are different ways to reach the beach of cala luna by walking. One of the most interesting is the one from the inland place “buchi arta”, the land of the goatherds , you will walk through a canyon called “iscala e su molente” then you reach the “ilune” river bed and you will walk until the beach. After you will have had a rest on the beach we will come back on the same way but we will go up to “buchi arta” walking on another canyon called “iscala e s’arga”. The round trip takes about 4 hours and half with 350 meters of difference in level.  


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