Trekking to Corrasi

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This rochy range that overlooks the town of oliena is the nw border of the supramonte and holds the highest peack of that rough and wild area, punta corrasi, 1463 meters high. The corrasi mountains also known as the “sardinian dolomites” enchant the visitors with its oak woods, with the spectral old yew trees, the superb view over a wide part of the supramonte and its strange limestone rock formations that often make you believe that you are walking in a fairy place. We arrive to the town of oliena surmounted by the corrasi chain and then we reach “tuones” where we park the car and we start walking. The path goes southwards passing across a wooden area dominated by big oak trees, sometimes we walk under the woods but sometimes the view ranges over the broad valley of “osposidda” and over the granitic mountains around nuoro. Getting over a short demanding ascent we arrive to the mountain pass of “iscala e marras”, here the scenario suddenly changes, the luxuriant woods disappear and the main protagonist is the bare dolomite rock, only few spectral yew trees, some oak and maple trees survive here. Up there the view is fantastic, the magnificence of the supramonte appears enchanting the visitor, from there, looking eastward, you can see the lanaittu valley and the rocky walls which hide the sea, during vivid days the eye reaches the flat land of campu donanigoro, the crests that enclose the gorge of gorropu and the mountains of orgosolo in the south. Hence we go on heading northwards walking on the ridge of the corrasi range, we pass through a rocky landscape with many strange rock formations and we get to the top of punta corrasi where the view is beautiful. Afterward we descend gradually until the “iscala e pradu” pass. From there we see the peaks of the corrasi range, punta carabidda, punta ortu camminu, punta sos nidos and the sharp punta cusidore. From this point we come back walking on an unpaved road traced by the charcoal burners, we have a nice view over oliena and in few time we get back to the car.


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