Daily Treks in Orosei Sardinia

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Escursione Orgosolo

Trekking Orgosolo

Transfer by land rover to the starting point. The drive will take us to the heart of the barbagia region, through the little village of orgosolo, and further up to the uplands just above the montes forest.  We will then pass by the funtana bona spring to finally reach the slopes of monte S. Giovanni. […]

Thursday May 5th, 2016 | Admin
Sa Giuntura

Trekking to Sa Giuntura

In the heart of the supramonte of urzulei, in the middle of a very wild and rough place there is a place where the two river bed of rio flumineddu and rio orbisi meet each other before to head to gorropu. We start walking from the parking in “sedda ar baccas” where we find some […]

Sunday March 20th, 2016 | Admin

Trekking to Gorropu

Magnificient canyon excaveted by the “rio flumineddu”. The gorropu gorge is one of  the deepest canyons in europe and is the natural border from the supramonte of urzulei  and that of orgosolo. Its majestic rocky walls rise more than 450 mters over the river bed. The highest point of the gorge is punta cucuttos that […]

Sunday March 6th, 2016 | Admin
Su Sercone

Trekking to Su Sercone e Donanigoro

In the supramonte of orgosolo, in the middle of an impervious and isolated area, is located one of the deepest carsic dolines in europe, “su sercone”. With a diameter of 500 metres and more than 200 metres deep, this site is charming and striking. Sitting on the edge of its rochy sides you can admire […]

Saturday January 30th, 2016 | Admin

Trekking to Tuttavista Mountain

This calcareous massif 806 metres high recalls a piramid raised over the surrounding low lands. Toward east the cedrino river and the alluvial plain of orosei lead to the sea. In the north/n east direction the view goes on the monte albo ridges, over the cedrino river valley and on the basaltic plateaus called “golleis” […]

Saturday January 30th, 2016 | Admin