Trekking to Gorropu

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Magnificient canyon excaveted by the “rio flumineddu”. The gorropu gorge is one of  the deepest canyons in europe and is the natural border from the supramonte of urzulei  and that of orgosolo. Its majestic rocky walls rise more than 450 mters over the river bed. The highest point of the gorge is punta cucuttos that defines, with punta iscopargiu, the acces to the canyon from the north giving to the walker a striking  and amazing view. We start walking near the parking in the place “sa barva”, passing under the high cliffs of the mount “oddeu” we get the valley excavated by the flumineddu river. The path continues sheltered by the lush vegetation, the alder trees accompany us in the way and time by time we can look over nice small lakes created by the flowing river. Going ahead, we see the ridges of the “silana” mount with its woods and its stony grounds until we reach the entrance of the gorge that we will cross for some hundreds of meters. The round trip takes about 4 hours with a difference in level of about 200 meters.


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