Trekking to Irveri Mount and “Cuile Sa Tintura”

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Monte Irveri
This coastal track offers an attractive view on the orosei gulf. We start walking from osalla in the territory of orosei, we walk across the small beach of “cartoeddu”, dominated by the nuraghe “gulunie”, we reach the beach of “cartoe” then after having crossed a brief asphalted road section, we get to the path. Since that time we walk immersed in the mediterranean bush where there are many old juniper trees (juniperus phoenicea), we arrive to the old sheepfold called “cuile sa tintura” that witnesses an ancient time when shepherds use to settle in isolated lands to grow their animals. The sight ranges over  the area included between the basaltic coast of punta nera in the north and capo monte santu in the south. This excursion could be  a sample  of the supramonte because we are going to visit cuile “sa tintura” one of the traditional sheepfolds built by sheperds in the last century. The route passes beside  the charming beach of “cartoe”, giving a nice mix of sea and mountain landscape, a bath on the sea after the track is nearly a must! The round trip takes about 4 hours and half with a difference in level of 350 meters.


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