Trekking to Monte Albo

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Monte Albo
The monte albo massif dominate a territory called “Baronie“, its limestone ridges go from south to north with a serie of peacks the highest of wich is punta catirina, 1127 m high. The monte albo mountain is separated form the supramonte area but is so similar with ist calcareous lands and ist bare rocky expanses, if it wasn’t for the view over the surrounding woods and green low lands you would believe that you are walking in a moon land. The hiking starts going up under an oak woodland, we have to deal with a difference in level of 300 meters before to reach the mountain pass that leads to the ruins of some “cuiles“. Then we continue walking across woods and along the wide clearing of “campu e susu“ where we will see the contour of the “punta catirina“ peak that we will get in little time. Up there, we will have a beautiful view ranging over the northern sardinian mountains and the ramparts of the “supramonte“ in the south. The round trip takes about 4 hours with a difference in level of 500 meters.  


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