Trekking to Tuttavista Mountain

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This calcareous massif 806 metres high recalls a piramid raised over the surrounding low lands. Toward east the cedrino river and the alluvial plain of orosei lead to the sea. In the north/n east direction the view goes on the monte albo ridges, over the cedrino river valley and on the basaltic plateaus called “golleis” witnesses of an ancient period when the area was affected by volcanic eruptions and lava flows. Watching to south you have the supramonte spurs. In the tuttavista mountain is possible to have different level difficulty excursions and there is the opportunity to visit places of great interest as the rocky arch of “petra istampata” and the “conca ruja” cave with its “domus de janas” inside. The round trip takes about 4 hours with a difference in level of 450 metres.


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