Multi Day Treks

MultiDay Trekking


Let’s share a two-day trek to enjoy the wild nature of Sardinia,  sleeping  outdoors under a starry sky to ensure an unforgettable experience that will make you realize a true Sardinian adventure.

Come and join us hiking in the golfo di orosei, our 5 days trekking will take you to visit some of the most beautiful places of sardinia. Walking in the mountains close to the sea, we always hike having breath taking views on the magnificent coasts of the gulf. During the hiking the visitors have the opportunity to discover not only the beautiful nature of sardinia but also the history and tradition of the “supramonte” area that has always been featured by the agro pastoral asset, we lead the hikers to sleep beside the old sheep-folds called here “su pinnettu” and having dinner with the shepherds, masters in cooking the typical meat dishes such as the “porcheddu arrustu” that is a small roasted piglet.