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Sa Giuntura

In the heart of the supramonte of urzulei, in the middle of a very wild and rough place there is a place where the two river bed of rio flumineddu and rio orbisi meet each other before to head to gorropu. We start walking from the parking in “sedda ar baccas” where we find some typical “pinnettos”, the traditional shelter of the shepherds, we pass close to txe ruins of a nuragic burial area and we can also admire a splendid old yew tree. Turning west we walk on a “iscala e fustes”, a wooden passage built by the shepherds, to cross the flumineddu river bed and we start going up on the left side of the slope. We walk on a quite difficult ground under the limestone rocky walls. Arriving on the top of the area the woodland let us walk on the shade before to arrive on a clearing where is located an old sheepfold with some wooden shelters for the animals. From there we go to visit the nuraghe gorropu which was built in a strategic position, now we are in the supramonte of orgosolo, the view ranges over the corrasi range, not too far there is the nuraghe mereu surrounded by the forest, the ridge of the silana mount and the southern side of the gorropu gorge. We spend a little time up there to admire the landscape and all those nature masterpieces. After that we start going down until “sa giuntura”, the meeting of the two rivers. Down there we are close to the southern entrance of gorropu, we head to the point where the “codula orbisi” plunges in the rio flumineddu with a spectacular waterfall when water is abundant. The area is really special, the ground made of calcareous debris is brightly white, the rocky balconies that hold the river bed look as petrified waves. The path continues above those waves and goes up on a long inclined dorsal called “s’ischina e s’arraiga” that is the watershed between the two river beds. Going up on the dorsal we see a hole on the cliffs, that’s “su cunnu e s’ebba”, this is the point where the “donini cave” gets outside, sometimes with a spectacular waterfall. Then crossing the dorsal we arrive in few time to the car.


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