Trekking to Su Sercone e Donanigoro

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Su Sercone
In the supramonte of orgosolo, in the middle of an impervious and isolated area, is located one of the deepest carsic dolines in europe, “su sercone”. With a diameter of 500 metres and more than 200 metres deep, this site is charming and striking. Sitting on the edge of its rochy sides you can admire an incredibile landscape, the “punta solitta” peak, the corrasi range and the lanaitto valley.The silence and the magnificient view will make you never forget the excursion. Not so far from su sercone there is a broad plateau, “campu donanigoro”, crossroad of three supramontes, the one of orgosolo, dorgali and oliena. An high plateau like this in such a rough place has always had great importance for the populations that used to live there; witnesses of that importance in the centuries are the “nuragheddu” of donanigoro and the more recent, even if ancient “cuile ziu raffaele”; in fact this mountain grazing pushed the people to settle here from prehistory. Today campu donanigoro is the mouflons kingdom, and they feed here in this grassy plain. Walking through the paths of donanigoro, surrounded by the “monte oddeu” ridge and by the juniper and oak woods is an unforgettable experience that repay the hiker for the effords sustained to get over there.


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