Trekking to Tiscali

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The shallow monte tiscali, 518 metres high, wards a priceless treasure. Inside the beautiful doline there are the ruins of an ancient village of the late nuragic period. The sinkhole we see today was a cave in the past which roof fell down 900.000 years ago. The ancient sardinian settled in such a rough and isolated area to escape from the populations coming from the sea, the phoenicians,  punic and romans so the inhabitants of tiscali embodied the spirit of freedom against the invaders. The visit to this site in not only important because of the nuragic village but also because inside the doline there are  impressive trees including giant centuries old terebinths, this species of plant is generally a shrub but the particular microclimate inside the doline favored the giantism. The track to get to the doline and the tiscali ancient village passes through a narrow cleft called “sa curtigia” and offers a great view on the lanaitto valley, the corrasi range and the “surtana” mountain pass. The round trip takes about 4 hours with a difference in level of 250 meters.


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